Livestream - Yang Yin (english)
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Maandag, 25 januari • 19:00 - 20:00
Ehud Neuhaus
In these classes we play with the different qualities of yin and yang. Yang: action, focused and yin: gentleness, surrender. In this way we create an inner balance. Everything in life revolves around the right balance. Day and night, effort and relaxation, good and bad ... It is impossible to choose only one side of the coin. They keep each other in balance. Life includes everything. This also applies to this lesson. Yin is the soft, feminine, receptive and more energetic side of yoga. Yang encompasses the robust, masculine, active and muscle-oriented side of yoga. In this class we play with the different qualities of yin and yang and thus create an inner balance.

While the yang poses and movements are more focused on the muscles and provide a flexible, powerful and vital body, the yin postures are more focused on the deeper connective tissue around joints and organs and you restore the flow of energy in the meridians. Yang gives you challenge and yin stillness. The yin postures help you to turn your attention inside. You learn to relax deeply, you find the silence within yourself.

Yin Yang: Yin dominates the class,
Yang YinUitleg: Yang Yin of Yin Yang?

These lessons are only English or a mix NL / English when there are English speakers in the lesson.