Summer Solstice / International Yoga Day Workshop - Sunset part 2
online class
Monday, 21 June • 8:00 PM - 9:15 PM
Maura Rath
A dual sunrise & sunset escape to mark this significant day. We will come together as a community and celebrate the Sun’s life-giving energy.

4.45am – 108 Sun Salutations with Maura (why 108? Read below!)
5.35am – Mystical meditation with Lauren (affirmation chants & meditation)
8.00pm – Calming Moon Hatha Yoga with Keli (gentle nurturing practice)
8.45pm – Yoga Nidra with Maura (yogic sleep meditation)

This event is also recorded - 14 day recording included.

Optional zen den box ticket created by Styleselfology (workshop is complimentary):

Included: Handmade soy wax massage candle, 52 Affirmation card, notepad, desert white sage, rose quartz crystal, hematite stone. (postage included with anpost could take up to 10days)

Purpose & philosophy behind this event:

The Summer Solstice is a celebration in many ancient calendars and coincides with International Yoga Day. It marks the day when one of the earths poles has its maximum tilt towards the sun. giving us a chance to celebrate the Sun’s life-giving energy. This year we are going to mark this special occasion with a yoga workshop.

108 Sun Salutations with Maura:

The number 108 holds deep significance in Indian Yogic traditions. There are 108 Nadis (energy lines), 108 Upanishads (ancient texts), and 108 Pithas (sacred sites in India) to just name a few.

The number also connects the Sun, Moon and Earth as the average distance of the Sun and the Moon to the Earth is 108 times their respective diameters. So we start our workshop honouring the Sun and close honouring the Moon.

Completing 108 sun salutations is a great tradition in the Yoga community to mark this date. Don’t be intimidated – whilst it is designed to be a challenge for all, it will be open-level with options.

Mystical meditation with Lauren:

Lauren Meyler will then lead us through breath-work and meditation. Lauren is a fellow yogi and music enthusiast; she has travelled the world and has many skills to share. Lauren has a passion for music and believes singing is healing so I can’t wait for her to close our morning.

Calming Moon Hatha Yoga with Keli:

Keli Dierings was one of my first teachers when I started my yoga journey back in New Zealand, and is a big part of my inspiration to stick with it. She teaches with deep experience, and always has interesting things to share about the postures, wider philosophy, the Moon etc while you are moving with her. I am delighted for her to be a part of this event for you.

Hatha yoga focus: Nourish the Nervous System:

Being a busy force in this world can often make us feel tired, restless and stressed. Join Keli in this calming MOON Hatha Yoga Class, which incorporates the Tantric techniques that soothes the nervous system and brings peace to the mind.

Asanas that lead to a gentle breath work and a little meditation at the end - it will be like a balm to the parts of ourselves that crave rest and digest.

Yoga Nidra with Maura:

We will close our special evening with a Yoga Nidra sleep meditation. A practice to take you right to bed.

Love Maura,