Hatha Yoga Basics (3) Fundamentals of flow
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Lunedì, 6 settembre • 6:30 PM - 7:40 PM
2 Sutherland Garden Worcester Park, KT4 8AU, Shala (entrance via side garden gate)
Tanya Greig
Highly experienced teacher in somatic movement, Yoga, dance and expression. Tanya encourages you to "work with what you've got", will guide you to feel your way into safe movement & postures, finding expansion, space and hopefully a little more physical freedom in your body, and peace in your heart and mind. You will be challenged, definitely, you'll also get to rest, recover, laugh and smile. Her embodied approach will leave you to feeling great about yourself, and discover your fabulousflow! With an incredible experiential understanding of biomechanics, she uses her skill as a movement reader, to bring out the best in students, giving them examples to imagine, corrections that work and the confidence to fall or fly!
A 6 week course to "strengthen foundations & explore an integrative practice, including simple meditative & energetic elements.

"combine strength, flexibility, balance, focus & inner peace"

Recap foundations & introducing another series of postures, breath work, focus & meditation tools to bring about a calmer, deeper practice.

* Discover the "Warriors" standing series
* Learn Ujjayi & Kapalabhati Pranayama (breathing practices)
* Practice healthy & safe alignment
* Discover tools to relieve the body of tension & the mind of stress
* Improve strength & flexibility
* Explore focus & meditation tools
* Build up to a flowing yoga practice, aligning breath & intention with movement

Perfect for those wanting to feel their way physically & mindfully into their practice.

Leave feeling energised & inspired!

A progressive series of 6 weekly classes
Starts: Monday 6th September - 11th October

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Week 1: 06 Sep: "Connect to the earth" Focus on Standing Asanas
Week 2: 13 Sep: "Letting go" Focus on Seated hip & lower back release
Week 3: 20 Sep: "Moving Forwards" Focus on backbending
Week 4: 27 Sep: "Upside down" Change your point of view
Week 5: 03 Oct: "Transition & Intention"
Week 6: 10 Oct: "Integration" Focus on putting it together in a flow

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6 week course: £78
(valid 6 weeks, dates stated in the course)

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WHO is this for?

3rd of HATHA YOGA BASICS series, expertise is certainly not required.

PERFECT CONTINUATION & natural follow up of Hatha Yoga Basics 1 & 2
ALSO, for those who've been practicing Hatha a while.

EXCELLENT OPTION for those "RETURNING" to their practice after a lapse or break, those who've practiced only occasionally

ANYONE INTERESTED in exploring the full scope of a yoga practice, including the meditative & energetic elements

More experienced practitioners will experience a "stronger practice" with longer holds & space for an INTEGRATIVE practice

This course, may also PREPARE YOU to "optionally" step into the more dynamic flow classes of Hatha Flow & Vinyasa Flow