Hatha 💫 12 Key | IN*STUDIO
Thursday, 4 August • 7:15 PM - 8:25 PM
Shala, 2 Sutherland Garden, KT4 8AU, entrance via side garden gate
Tanya Greig
Highly experienced teacher in somatic movement, Yoga, dance and expression. Tanya encourages you to "work with what you've got", will guide you to feel your way into safe movement & postures, finding expansion, space and hopefully a little more physical freedom in your body, and peace in your heart and mind. You will be challenged, definitely, you'll also get to rest, recover, laugh and smile. Her embodied approach will leave you to feeling great about yourself, and discover your fabulousflow! With an incredible experiential understanding of biomechanics, she uses her skill as a movement reader, to bring out the best in students, giving them examples to imagine, corrections that work and the confidence to fall or fly!
Hatha 💫 "12 KEY PRACTICE" + Pranayama

In this series you will explore the 12 key practice, integrating pranayama (breath work) to deepen your practice 😇

💜 GENERAL - INTERMEDIATE HATHA YOGA SERIES, some experience suggested
[BEGINNERS are ADVISED to start in Hatha BASICS, BKS or GENTLE series]

💜 Also good for "brushing up" or getting back into your practice after a lapse.

⭐️ Discover modifications and variations of the 12 key practice.
⭐️ Explore balances, forward bends, backbends, a systematic approach to preparations for inversions
⭐️ Breathing practices will be taught and woven into this series: Full Yogic Breath, Samavritti Pranayama, Nadi Shodhana Pranayama: breathing exercise to calm the mind, purify the body and harmonise the nervous system.
⭐️ Improve alignment, core stability, strength and flexibility
⭐️ Follow relaxations techniques for body, mind and spirit

🙏 Designed to recharge your energy, rejuvenate your body, mind and leave you feeling inspired, refreshed and peaceful!

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Summer Series [4wks] 21 July - 11 Aug 2022

4 wk pro-rata'd series £52
Single class £15 (where space permits)

Small group, IN*PERSON

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When purchasing a course (series) of yoga, you will be provided a place in class for the duration of the 6 week series.
Once the series has commenced, participants may swap to an alternative, when arranged in advance (ideally, not less than 24 hours in advance, in practical terms, you may change your class via your account up to 10 hours in advance)
Regrettably there are no refunds for missed classes or late cancellations.