Slow Flow (60 MIN / 90℉)
Jueves, agosto 4 • 6:00 a. m. - 7:00 a. m.
Lower Floor @ Sapphire Studios
Katrina Krych
Yoga has woven its way in and out of Katrina’s life since she was a small child. There were years where she lost her connection to her practice, but yoga has always been there to return to. Over the last few years, Katrina has had the opportunity to deepen her personal practice and fulfill a dream of becoming a yoga teacher. Katrina received her RYT-500 through Yoga Farm, Ithaca, NY with training in Hatha/Vinyasa yoga, Kundalini yoga (Raj Yoga lineage of the East), Ayurveda, Enneagram, and Lunar/Cyclical Wisdom. She is also a 200 hour certified Instinctive Meditation teacher through the Radiant Sutras School of Meditation. Katrina believes that yoga is for EVERYbody and that we can all use as many opportunities as possible to get grounded, be present in our bodies and connected to our hearts. Katrina believes that everyone is their own best teacher and her role is to guide, support and hold space for others. She has a background in social work, community activism and social justice and has a personal passion for yoga and mindfulness. Katrina’s approach to yoga is gentle, grounded and present; it is a practice that helps us to deepen our awareness and self-love, which then allows us to take these qualities off the mat into our daily lives. Her values center around a vision of shared, co-created spaces where everyone can bring their authentic, whole-hearted selves and there is no better place to do this than through yoga. ​ Contact Information: Email:
This breath-paced class begins with a mindful warmup, flowing movement and time spent breathing in awareness into each part of the body to ease you into your day blissfully.