Chakra yoga met Janine (ENG)
Donderdag, 18 april • 20:30 - 21:40
YU Docent
Chakra yoga is a type of yoga practice that combines various aspects of other yogic traditions to activate the energy centers along the spine, also known as the chakras.

“Chakra Yoga is the weaving of the lower and upper chakras together, through the bridge of the heart, to create a whole and unique expression of self”

To open the chakras, this type of yoga employs asanas, meditation, pranayama breathing exercises and mantra chanting.

The chakras are believed to be the centers of life force energy (prana/charge) in the body. The body contains seven major chakras from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Each of these chakras contains a different energy.
• Root chakra (muladhara) – grounding & anchoring poses
• Spleen (or sacral) chakra (svadisthana) – moving & flowing poses
• Solar plexus chakra (manipura) – action & power poses
• Heart chakra (anahata) – receiving & expanding poses
• Throat chakra (visuddha) – expressing & purifying poses
• Third eye chakra (ajna) – perceiving & union poses
• Crown chakra (sahasrara) – surrendering & connecting poses

Chakra yoga often uses the asanas employed in Hatha yoga because they keep the body and spine aligned, which helps liberate and balance the flow of chakra energy. The meditation, chanting and pranayama relax the mind, reducing stress and increasing energy.