Location yoga classes: Zaal Van Trier • Van Trierstraat 40 • 2018 Antwerpen
Office: Kempenlandstraat 6 bus 201 • 2660 Hoboken
Aerial Yoga classes at Zaal van Trier on Monday and Wednesday evening.

Good to know:
-You can bring your own yoga mat or use one of ours.
-Clothing: wear a tight fitting T-shirt with sleeves (short or long sleeves). NO TANK TOP please!
-Don't wear jewelry. There's no need to wear make-up.
-If it's your first time aerial yoga, come 10 minutes early.
- Classes continue until the end of June. Aerial Yoga will not restart again in September. Make sure you finish your strip card before the end of June.

There's not a lot of parking space close to Zaal Van Trier. You can park at a 10 minutes walking distance at the Singel near the Pidpa, Desguinlei 246, 2018 Antwerp

Check our website for benefits and contra-indications:
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