Studio: Vinyasa yoga (English)
Dinsdag, 28 november • 09:30 - 10:30
Beatriz Ruiz
No matter who you are and what your training level is, having a strong core is endlessly important. Seriously! Don’t neglect it!

The primary goal of core flows is to strengthen the muscles that stabilize, align, and move the trunk of the body.

A consistent core training routine will help you develop better neuromuscular control. This is a fancy way of saying that you become more coordinated because your central nervous system and your muscles communicate more efficiently with each other, leading to more efficient movement.

With this practice you will gain better stability, strength, power and muscular endurance of the core. Core training is SO important for injury prevention cause your core helps you maintain balance and properly distribute forces during different movement patterns.

Did you know that your ability to use the muscles for long periods of time are heavily dependent on your core strength?

This is because weakness of the core leads to muscle imbalance, compensation, and poor movement patterns. This means that if you aren’t strengthening your core, the progress made by the rest of your body will suffer.

If you suffer from low back pain, chances are, you have a weak core. This is common because our bodies are smart and adapt to our everyday activity (or lack of.) When so many of us are stationary at work all day, the core becomes weakened from less use. Since the core is responsible for stabilizing the spine, weak core musculature can lead to low back pain. Strengthening these muscles have been shown to treat and prevent such problems.

So, see you on the mat 🙏

Namaste 🌻