Aerial Yoga
Vrijdag, 12 augustus • 10:00 - 11:00
Ayuryoga Team
Aerial Yoga is a composition of aerial acrobatics and yoga. Aerial Yoga uses the silk (the yoga hammock) for practicing yoga postures in order to gain strength and flexibility as well as supporting the body in all yoga asanas.

You experience how to improve body tension and relaxation at the same time. Practicing Aerial Yoga means also exploring new dimensions beyond your yoga mat, sometimes flying, sometimes grounding, sometimes up side down with your head first and often weightless.

Challenge yourself, explore your limits and overcome any doubts or fear – you experience new body perception and well-being, safely carried by the silk.
Each Aerial Yoga class has a topic or focus. Please check the website for details!

No experience with Aerial Yoga required. Experience with yoga is helpful but neither required. All levels welcome.