Tracey OHara

Experience your TRANSFORMATION
Tracey teaches Loving Life Yoga aka Kundalini Yoga. She stimulates the Shakti (your energy) which intelligently creates a high transformational vibration to open your heart and clear your physic, (shuts the mind up) thus creates the true meaning of unification (YOGA)
Tracey has healed herself on many levels through the very same technology she will share with you, so you too can LOVE YOUR LIFE! To check Tracey out visit All her trainings have been in India she has over 2000,00 hours in trainings and still learning & exploring teachings.
Beginners and Advanced yoga practitioners are all welcome. Any age, any physicality will benefit. You will be exploring Pranayama (Breath-work) You will be using your arms as a tool to raise our vibration and open up the heart center and balance our mind. 80% of this class will be seated. As in every class I teach we apply body locks. If you’re not familiar with them, I will go over the systematic application. We also embrace Mantra
Tracey Also does worldly retreats check
I look forward to meeting you and sharing this transformational experience together!!
Instagram: @lovinglifeyoga101

Upcoming classes

Tuesday, April 23 5:00 PM
Kundalini with Tracey in the studio + online

Celestial Wellness, Online

Friday, April 26 5:00 PM
Kundalini with Tracey in studio and online

Celestial Wellness, Yoga Room

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