About DIVE Healing

Hello dear soul,

Thank you for taking the time to visit our page here and your interest in attending our semi-private yoga sessions with us at DIVE Healing, in the heart of Burleigh Heads, Queensland.

We aim to provide our clients at DIVE Healing with a range of options to support their wellbeing between therapy sessions and beyond.

Our yoga sessions are offered in an intimate and healing space of no more than 6-8 participants, so it feels like you're having your very own private session with us! Enjoy the comfort and safety of a smaller group yoga setting whilst you soften into your healing journey within a therapeutically supportive and safe environment.

We share the teachings of yoga in a wholehearted and sacred space, allowing you to gently unwind, whilst supporting you on your journey towards realising your inner potential.

Our semi-private yoga sessions are for you if you're seeking:

~ To build upon ways to manage stress and anxiety more effectively​
~ Support to improve upon your self-care strategies between therapy sessions
~ Novel ways to stretch your window of tolerance, and gently restore your nervous system
~ To take action and/or accountability for enhancing your therapy goals
~ Opportunities to connect with other beautiful souls who share the vision of taking enlightened action to build a brighter future for everyone

Our combined experience of over 20 years in teaching and a devoted daily practice, offers a wealth of understanding and expertise, and a commitment to upholding the integrity of the yoga methods as they were passed down to us.

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To learn more about the yoga methods we share at DIVE Healing, please visit our website at www.divehealing.com.au/yoga-gold-coast

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After all, YOU are your longest commitment. Make your Self a priority. Give yourself permission to look after and invest in your greatest asset, your health.

Let's breathe, move, and create healthy habits together