Donnerstag 15 Oktober

Yin Yang
20:30 - 21:45
Hot Yoga Oudenaarde
Yoga Studio

New COVID Gouvernement mandatory rules:
[aplies From 14/10 ]

🍃the studio only can host 7 students per class. Rule of 1 person per 10m2 (we count with your pressence if you book a class- please give us Always a sign in case of any cancellation!)
🍃🚫No changing rooms are allowed nether 🚿showers. 🥺
🍃 Please leave your belongings on the lounge area and use toilet in case needed to change as fast as possible.
🍃 use of hand sanitizers as many times as possible disponible for you in all areas in the studio.
🍃🙏 please remember to wear the mask 😷 all times before and after class.

**bring your own material for class, mat, 1 towel for class
Studio Open and Close 15 min before and after Class, Please be ON time !
Thank you all for your help !
Safe Togueter
Hot Yoga Oudenaarde Team