General terms of Hut Yoga

Classes are only suitable for students of 16 years of age or over unless otherwise stated in the class title and description.

The Hut has the right to amend timetabled classes/workshops or designated teachers as a result of circumstances beyond its control.

Students who think they have a health condition which may affect their ability to practice yoga, should consult their doctor before registering for classes.

Students must inform the Hut, and/or their teacher, of any health issues on class registration.

Students must inform the Hut of any change in health, a known or new pregnancy or recent surgery and, if about to take a class, must do so before the start of class.

Your personal information is confidential and will not be shared.

The Hut cannot be responsible for any failure to take a health issue into account in its teaching if neither the student’s teacher nor the Centre has been so informed.

Cancellation of a class with no charge is accepted up to 4 hour before the Class commences, if cancelled after this period a class will be deducted from your pass.

Passes / Memberships cannot be transferred to another person.

The personal use of mobile phones, cameras or recording equipment is not permitted in a class or workshop unless advised and the persons present approve of it's use.

The Hut reserves the right to refuse entry to the Hut of any student who has in any way disrupted a class or made it difficult for other students to enjoy the benefit of the class.

Although we do our best to keep an eye on personal property, the Hut cannot be responsible for the safekeeping of valuables left unattended. There are no secure lockers on the premises so please consider the items you bring to the Hut.

Items of clothing left at the Centre are kept in a "lost property" box. We dispose of accumulated lost property at the end of each Quarter if not collected.