Teaching Chair Yoga
Saturday, 4 November • 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Living Peace Yoga
Ginny Clarke
Using props in a yoga class can be beneficial for all students. Chairs are particularly useful for those with injuries and for the more mature student with limited range of movement. However, chairs can be extremely useful for able bodied students also and can help anyone to deepen their experience of asana.

This workshop would be useful for yoga teachers, students, health care professionals and carers who want to share the power of movement and breathing with students and clients.

This workshop will include:
* How and when to safely use a chair in a yoga class
* Learn a variety of yoga poses in a chair:
* Simple and gentle movements for those with limited mobility
* Intermediate poses – translating asanas into a chair
* Advanced – deeper postures such as forward bends and back bends.
* How to teach chair yoga.
* Comprehensive take home notes.