Intro to Meditation - 4 Week Course
Tuesday, 2 March • 6:30 PM - 7:45 PM
Living Peace Yoga
Angelique Pratten
Meditation is the key to happiness. Knowing your mind is the first step to liberation.

This 4 week course will provide you with practical tips and techniques to get you started on your meditation journey. Simple and effective meditation practices will be explored each week so that you can find the best technique that works for you. Meditation is a practice which can empower you to know your mind, quiet your mind, and find a deep inner peace and joy.

Our course will cover:
-What is Meditation?
-Physical preparation
-Preparing the mind
-Prana and Pranayama (energy and breath)
-Yogic Philosophy-Mantras and how to best use them
-Many styles of Meditation-Pranayama techniques

Upon completion you will have all the tools you need to join Meditation groups and / or have a solid home practice.

Facilitator: Gitaji is a qualified and experienced Meditation Teacher and her relaxed and authentic spirit invites you to connect with her easily, as she guides you concisely through the various practices of meditation. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned practitioner, Gitaji's knowledge and skill engages all. Her dedication to her own practice is clearly evident in her joy and passionate delivery. This makes her a truly inspirational teacher and guide.