Swaha - Sacred Song
Sabato, 19 giugno • 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Living Peace Yoga
Ginny Clarke
Join "Swaha" for a beautiful afternoon of sacred songs, live music, chanting, meditation and spiritual discussion.

Singing and chanting can be a beautiful, heart-opening experience and is a great way to meditate as it gives your body something to do (e.g. chant), and gives your mind something to focus on (e.g. the music and the mantra) and therefore the practice can quickly help to quiet the mind.

It is joyful, calming and invigorating as the live music and mantras allow you to flow with the melody and rhythm. It is a united event where the leaders of the chant and the participants merge as one. It really doesn’t matter if you can sing or not…the sound comes from the heart, not the vocal chords!

This event is being led by the spiritual band, "Swaha" – Ginny Clarke, Angelique Pratten and Cass Campbell. "Swaha" means "offering" and we offer our music to you, the audience, and the audience offers their voices back to us, and we all offer our hearts and souls back to the divine.