General terms of Lotus Village Yoga

This membership includes:
Membership Benefits
1. Access to all scheduled yoga classes (unlimited yoga) (Value $1300)
2. 10% discount on in-house stocked yoga equipment/clothing ($$)
3. A free LVY tee-shirt ($25)
4. Attend one workshop for half price in the calendar year ($$)
5. Priority booking for any private yoga session OR family private yoga session.
Contract Memberships Terms and Conditions
1. The Member agrees to allow The Studio to charge his/her credit card for the purpose of his/her membership fees pursuant to the Membership Agreement.
2. Applicable taxes apply.
3. The Member understands and agrees that the Membership Agreement is not assignable or transferrable
and that The Member cannot transfer or assign the rights or privileges granted by the membership.
4. The Member agrees that The Studio reserves the right to revoke the Membership Agreement at any time if
the Members fails to follow the rules and regulations of the Studio or if the Member chooses to ignore LVY's
policy to honour everyone's experience in the studio.
5. The Member agrees and understands that to benefit from their workshop and private session discounts they
must book with The Studio in person or over the phone.
6. ATTENTION: The Member understands that it is their responsibility to remove themselves from a class for
which they have signed up if they can no longer attend. If the Member fails to cancel out of a class 24 hours in advance, Lotus Village Yoga Inc. reserves the right to charge the Member a $10 fee for preventing another student from signing up. The Member understands and agrees to have this fee charged to their credit card.
Membership Cancellation

1. The Member understands that this contract cannot cancelled without approval from Lotus Village Yoga, which will only be granted under special circumstances. A $25 administrative fee will be charged for early cancellation.