Embodied Asana 1: Breath & Movement
Lørdag, 8 oktober • 10:00 - 13:00
Harriet McAtee
In this in-depth course, we will unpack and explore what it means to practice asana in an embodied way. We'll interrogate our motivations and intentions for practicing asana, and begin to build an idea of how we can be guided deep into our practise via breath and movement.

We will develop, deepen and refine our asana practices, exploring the intuitive relationship between breath and asana; deepen our familiarity with key postures, and develop our understanding of breath as a tool within asana practice to achieve greater embodiment and awareness.

Week Overview
17 September: Welcome, Intention, Why Asana? Nighttime Asana Practice
24 September: Asana Practice, What does it mean to be embodied, Finding Ourselves in Asana
1 October: Following the Breath
8 October: Asana Practice, Language of Embodied Asana
15 October: Embodied Asana Teaching

Who is this course for?
For anyone looking to build their connection to their practice. It is of benefit to yoga practitioners and yoga teachers alike. Some previous experience of yoga is required as this weekend is not suitable for beginners. This weekend is offered as part of the 300 hour teacher training, but can be taken by any teacher wishing to improve their skills in this area as Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Live attendance is required. You are able to miss one session and a recorded session can be provided for the missed module only at no further cost.

You will be provided with a reading pack and materials prior to commencing.

Sliding scale pricing: ⁠ (no further discounts applicable)
CPD Community Price £169
CPD Standard Price £199
CPD Supporter Price £229