Teaching Yin Yoga: An Introduction
Friday, 11 February • 09:30 - 18:00
Venetia Adamson
Upcoming Dates:
11-13 February 2022 | In Person

Yin yoga is a powerful practice. It is also complementary to the yang practices centred in so many trainings today. However, there is a rich history and tradition to yin that might not be conveyed in a standard 200 hour program. This introduction to teaching yin is for yoga teachers who wish to advance and deepen their understanding of yin theory and principles.

We will cover the practical elements of teaching safe, functional and accessible yin. There will also be exploration of Chinese meridian theory, Yin anatomy and how Yin and Yang can inform one another. This is a training that will strengthen and support previous mainstream yoga trainings. With these fundamental building blocks you will be able to lead students through well rounded, informed Yin practices.

This training comprises of 25 contact hours and 5 non-contact learning, plus assignments.

Topics Covered

History and principles of Yin yoga
Anatomy (fascia, the nervous system and the skeletal body)
Teaching skills and sequencing
Props and postures
Introduction to Chinese meridian theory
Yin vs Yang, Integrating Yin and accessibility

Friday 11 February

Saturday 12 February

Sunday 13 February

In order to complete the 30 hours:
Two short essays (750 words each) will be submitted. These will focus on Yin Theory and Teaching Yin respectively, and will be fully outlined on the first day of training.

One observed (can be recorded or live zoomed) teaching practicum of one hour. To be submitted or taught at a set date, within two weeks of training.

Pre-course reading?
Suggested: Bernie Clark: Complete Guide to Yin Yoga, Paul Grilley: Yin Yoga
Who is this training for?
This weekend is offered as a 30 hour teacher training. It is suitable for anyone looking to explore and build their understanding of teaching yin yoga and is of benefit to yoga teachers and practitioners alike. If you wish to receive a certificate as part of your CPD as a yoga teacher, you will need to attend most sessions live (see below) and submit assessment pieces. We welcome registrations from enthusiastic and interested students, however we cannot endorse teaching yin yoga solely from this course without completing a 200 hour training program and obtaining appropriate insurance.

We believe in the importance and value of this training, and would like to offer a scaled pricing system, which enables attendees to pay which tier feels most appropriate for them. Please note there are NO further discounts available (i.e. no student discounts, etc).

Community price £319
Standard price £339
Supporter price £359

You will receive a PDF manual for the course.