Teacher's Co-Practice with Theo Wildcroft - 1: Sensing the self
Jeudi, 16 février • 14:00 - 16:00
Theo Wildcroft
After 18 months of collaborative practice, diving deep into resources from poetry, somatic exploration, and academic research, Theo Wildcroft is relaunching her Teachers’ Practice. This time, the practice will run as two courses of 6 months each. Students can take each course in either order. Each month’s practice consists of practice and discussion, accompanied by multiple resources, on themes that build to deepen both your practice, and your teaching. The sessions are on Zoom, and while they are recorded, we strongly recommend you attend live when you can. This is an immersive, shared and collaborative exploration, open to any yoga or movement teacher. Sessions will feel gentle, contemplative, relaxed and physically accessible. We will move together without moving in unison. Students from the first cohorts of this practice will find much of value to return to. Join us – this is research in action.

Teachers’ practice 1: Sensing the self

This course will unpack the nature of transformation and integration in practice, the hidden assumptions behind our choices and preferences and what we think ‘good’ practice looks like, and what it really means to come together, to stand and be counted, as a community of yoga practice.

This series of this practice begins in September 2022, and spaces are limited.

Teachers’ practice 1: Telling untold stories
Thursdays 2:00 – 4:00 pm GMT, via zoom
Thursday 16th Feb
Thursday 16th March
Thursday 20th April
Thursday 18th May
Thursday 15th June
Thursday 20th July

Community Price: £139
Standard Price: £169
Supporter Price: £199