Yoga Studies Reading Group with Theo Wildcroft
Tuesday, 18 April • 19:30 - 21:00
Theo Wildcroft
Having run a Teachers co-practice for some years, it's clear that there are students that want to learn from Theo in a way that goes beyond her standard course offerings, and to be in a more free-flowing and intimate conversation. A year ago, however, after 15 years of teaching yoga, Theo took the decision to stop teaching a physical practice for a while, while she worked out how to best support her new diagnosis with an autoimmune condition.

That sabbatical from teaching and practising hathayoga has turned out great. Theo is swimming, walking and learning a little T'ai Chi. It's all practice; it's just that practice has changed. What Theo really wants to share with you isn't vinyasa and pawanmuktasana. You already know how to do that.

We think that conversation might be much better supported by a monthly reading group than a shared practice.

Roughly every 3rd Tuesday of the month you can expect conversations on topical issues in yoga, as well as things that, for Theo, inspire and support a lifelong practice of not just asana, but meditation, journeying, rest, dance and more.

3rd Tuesday of the month
7.30pm - 9pm UK time

Week 1 - 18th April
Week 2 - 16th May
Week 3 - 20th June
Week 4 - 18th July
Week 5 - 15th August
Week 6 - 19th September
Week 7 - 17th October
Week 8 - 21st November
Week 9 - 12th December

3 sessions;
Community Price: £89
Standard Price: £109
Supporter Price: £129

6 sessions;
Community Price: £169
Standard Price: £199
Supporter Price: £229

1 year option:
Community Price: £338
Standard Price: £398
Supporter Price: £458

Drop in price of £35 per session