Studio Class
Saturday, 25 May • 08:00 - 09:30
Kalavathi Devi
This is a 90 minute Gitananda Yoga class. We always start with sitting quietly whilst focusing on the breath. We loosen up the whole body to get the energy and circulation moving before practicing a full range of yoga asanas. We often include a pranayama practice and then spend a good amount of time for relaxation to finish up the class.

To find the studio you need to walk down Partridge Lane which is next to 56 Partridge Road. There is lots of Parking on the road and side roads if you need it.

When walking down the lane you will see it bend to the right so that it goes parallel to Partridge Road. Keep going and the studio is 4 properties up on the left. There is a street lamp opposite if it is dark and you will see the huge elephant wall.

The door is open for the 15 minutes before class starts so come on in!

Please bring a mat, blanket and water if you have them otherwise we have them here if you don’t have your own.