Beginner Slow Flow with Angie
Četrtek, december 1 • 7:00 pop. - 8:00 pop.
Krista Olive
Krista received her Bachelors in Psychology, and Masters in Social Work. Krista has worked with many populations including children, older adults, and individuals with complex medical, and mental health histories. Krista realized aspects of the individual are overlooked in traditional modalities when it comes to healing, and believes in assisting others on a deeper level through yoga. Krista became yoga certified, and is trained in: Yoga Basics, Vinyasa, Yin-Restorative, Meditation, Pranayama, Anatomy, Physiology, Subtle Anatomy, Chakras, Yin/Yang Concepts, Yoga Philosophy, Ahimsic Food Prep, Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga, Chair Yoga, Visual Yoga, Kids Yoga, and Thai Yoga! Krista has attended various yoga events, and retreats to deepen her personal practice. Krista takes a person-centered approach, meaning, every individual is unique from their past experiences, their beliefs/values, and even their bone structure, and how their bodies move, and bend. The goal of yoga is not to touch your toes, or do a handstand. Yoga is about being good to yourself, and connecting to your most authentic self.
Making the first steps to start your yoga journey can be intimidating. Starting with ease and learning the basics, can set us up for success! In this class, you will learn a gentle Yoga Flow with many cues for alignment and variations for each pose. We will learn how to listen to our own bodies for safety, and to find what works best for us. Yoga creates peace in the mind, connection in the heart, and strength in the body. Leaving us ready for more!