About Organic Embodiment

Organic Embodiment is a friendly and safe space for everyone to join. In this amicable space our therapist train, help and encourage the efficient use of your body and the full potential of your mind for daily life which can bring a renewed sense of health and vitality.

Our aim is to help people to connect the body and mind through manual treatment and through personalised training techniques such as yoga, functional anatomy, meditation and breathing exercises.

After several years of practising and teaching different forms of yoga and other forms of health remedies, we found a way to combine them together. That’s How Organic Embodiments is created, tailoring a practice to suit everyone.

In our studio, we encourage teachers and students to have a Functional Movement approach. Always learning different treatments in order to help people access their bodies. We will provide a personalise practice and massage depending on your own requirements. Either if you want to learn more about your body, or you want to relieve pain or just relax.

We welcome everyone but also we specialise in teaching people with hypermobility, beginners and people that are on the road to rediscovering their own body through functional movement. We encourage our students to connect with themselves and to stay present by emphasising the importance of breath and mindfulness.

“It is about finding the calm in the chaos”

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