About Osoyoga studio

Konstantina Maridaki is an affiliate teacher of Shiva’s Rea Samudra Global School of Living Yoga and Energy Medicine practitioner. After her studies at the University of Physical Education in Greece, she started travelling every year in Los Angeles to attend her yoga school in which she became a senior teacher. She traveling very often offering Teacher Trainings.
She has collaborated with the Royal Commission of AlUla in Saudi Arabia offering her Yoga Teachings.
She studies Energy Medicine in one of the best Energy Medicine schools in USA.
Energy Medicine is a way of peace and beauty. She loves to help healing people so they can move on with their lives with less burdens, stress and pain physically and emotionally.
Most of the people see the world through the eyes of the past confirming with every choice old traumas, unpleasant experiences, thus creating a vicious cycle, not knowing how to escape from it.
Energy Medicine has the ability to influence this bright energetic body of ours where all the information of the past and future lies and is the source of the visible-material reality.
The result is in living and acting from a new perspective of truth and purity without holding the burdens and obstacles of the past.
The result is calm, truth, beauty and the ability to co-create with purity.

I create a sacred space to serve you 🙏🏽💕