Webinar 2: The Science of Sound and Relaxation | Sound Healing Rest™ Course Free
Deb Phelps
December 7 2023 • Duration: 42 Minutes
Unravel the science behind stress relief through sound healing and Yoga Nidra meditation. This class offers a deeper understanding of the body’s relaxation response and prepares you for our full Sound Healing Rest™ training course, where you can master these techniques.

Guided by Deb Phelps, an experienced meditation teacher and sound healer.

What You Will Learn:
- The fundamentals and benefits of combining sound healing with Yoga Nidra.
- How sound healing instruments like singing bowls and gongs can enhance meditative experiences.
- Techniques for achieving profound relaxation and emotional balance through this holistic practice.

Experience Sound Healing Rest™:
Join us in this session for a soothing journey that will leave you feeling calm and rejuvenated. Whether you are new to these practices or looking to deepen your existing knowledge, Sound Healing Rest™ offers a unique approach to wellness and self-discovery.

Interested in More?
This session is just the beginning! Enroll in our full Sound Healing Rest™ training program to explore these techniques in-depth and learn how to guide others in finding tranquility and balance.

How to Sign Up:
- Visit https://peacefulwellness.institute/courses/sound-healing-rest-training/
- Choose the Sound Healing Rest™ training course.
- Follow the instructions to complete your registration.

Early Bird Offer:
The course launches January 8th, 2024. Sign up now for exclusive early bird pricing at 50% OFF and embark on a transformative journey to become a certified Sound Healing Rest™ practitioner.

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December 6th, 2023
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