Pralaya all levels - ONLINE ONLY - Robert Boustany
Vrijdag, 14 april • 16:15 - 17:45
Bij jou thuis, Achter je laptop
Robert Boustany
ROBERT BOUSTANY is a yoga master and the creator of PRALAYA YOGA. As a physicist Robert has taken a research-based system approach to developing Pralaya Yoga, developing Pralaya Yoga over many years of working with 1000s of people to help you become your best self. While based on traditional yoga practices and their wisdom, PRALAYA YOGA is designed to support the modern, western lifestyle by facilitating the elimination of physical and emotional pain, ultimately allowing YOU to lead YOUR most healthy and fulfilling life possible!
This class is in English

For active beginners to experienced. Achieve muscle balance through the cultivation of strength and flexibility. Explore variations on classical poses and an introduction to pranayama (breathing) in order to maximize the activation of muscles, organs, and energy systems. For those with more experience, find challenge in pose progressions. Expect detailed instruction, revisiting of simple reference poses (i.e. forward fold, squat) to highlight the state of muscle balance, and mention of physiological effects of poses. Leave class feeling the best kind of paradox - accomplished yet challenged and relaxed yet energetic.