zaterdag 6 juli : Robert Boustany - 2 day BACKBEND dive-deep

Robert Boustany - 2 day BACKBEND dive-deep

Tijd   12:00 - 16:00
Docent   Robert
Locatie   Body & Mind center merlijn, Patrijsweg 12, Rijswijk
Ruimte   zaal 2
Plaatsen   Nog 4 beschikbaar
Pay attention please: the momoyoga system only shows the saturday - but when booking the 2-day dive deep backbend we expect you to come 2 days!!
Check the times below in the text.
Thank you.

Backbending: long term solution to stress?
A 2-day DIVE DEEP with Robert into the process of backbending

About 70% of adults know what it is to have pain in their backs......and an average of 17% of employed adults suffer from burnout. Those are some high numbers!!

Life gets to you - and this gets into your body.... Just a little more work, another deadline, your family need you, keeping up with your social network, and just when you don't need it: you can't fall asleep, you lose your keys or you forget this appointment..... 

So is it the physical posture or the pressure of modern life pinching us? Probably both.

Can this be different?
How would it be
- to know how to unwind efficiently
- to have energy and health
- to be able to read your body signals
- to know how to calm your nervous system down
- how to get grounded in your body
- how to feel safe within yor own skin

Pralaya Yoga and the process of backbending
Chances are high, you are familiair with yoga, reading my newsletter.
Do you know what your best route is to release stress from your body?
Do you know how to prepare the body best for meditation or breathwork?

Over time, when people get old (or stressed), the front line of the body seems to shrink.
From the chin to the inner thighs, the front of the body collapses.
This can result in different pains and complaints.

Doing yoga, breathing calmly and opening the front of the body, will help you to calm the nervous system.

Robert Boustany has an extensive experience in guiding students towards an open and relaxed front line.

Roberts 2-day backbend dive deep

Here is a rare apportunity: dive deep into backbending with a select group of intelligent movers together with Robert Boustany

The benefits:- to know the best warm up
- to have a roadmap to backbending
- to know which body parts need to be developed
- to have the latest insights into backbending
- keep compression out of the spinal column
- keep facet joints healthy (the joint on the back of your spine)

Saturday 6th of July
12:00 - 16:00

Sunday 7th of July
13:00 - 17:00

Location: Merlijn Body & Mind Center, Rijswijk

Pricing for 2-day, 8 hour total dive deep: 
€ 120,- EARLY BIRD PRICING (valid until 15th of June)
€ 135,- Regular price 

Pricing for saturday 1-day, 4 hour workshop:
€ 80,- Regular price - (sales start 1st of July)

Maximum 35 students