About Ritual Wellness and Yoga

Lisa Brown is a local yoga instructor, nutritional coach, mom of 2, and health and fitness enthusiast. The study of wellness has brought balance and purpose to her life and truly ignites a light within which is why she created Ritual Wellness and Yoga.

Certified as a nutritional coach for over 10 years, she loves to share her knowledge for how proper nutrition and how choosing high vibrancy foods can guide the way for a feel good life full of energy and abundance. She works with clients to guide and educate them to incorporating the foods and positive habits that can work with their lifestyles.

Yoga first came into her life as a therapeutic tool to aid in recovery from an injury but has since become a place where she has been able to find connection to self and deep grounding. Incorporating the physical and mental practice of yoga has become a creative outlet and something she can not help but want to share with those looking for true wellness and connection to self.

Things that ignite her soul – Nature, movement (running, swimming, hiking…..in nature, even better), seeing the world along side her adventurous husband, yoga, exploration and giggles with her 2 little dudes, beaches, exploring and playing in her backyard of Silverstar Mountain, podcasts, chill music, the ocean, a good bottle of wine, dark black coffee, taking in the views perched above Kal Lake (with a coffee or wine in hand preferably), and of course the beautiful friends and family she gets to share this life and experiences with.