General terms of Rosieglo Yoga

By registering on the Rosieglo Yoga booking system you are agreeing to our General Terms and to our Privacy Policy. You can view our Privacy Policy here:

Rosieglo Yoga prices, terms and conditions are subject to change.

Payments & Bookings
Advance class bookings and Flexipass purchases should be completed online using Momoyoga, accessible through the Rosieglo website here:

In order to guarantee class space, a complete advance booking must be made, including online payment or selecting to pay in correct cash value at the studio if this option is available.

To register as a Rosieglo Yoga student you must be at least 18 years of age. Students under the age of 18 are required to provide written consent from a parent and/or legal guardian who should sign the Health Waiver Form on behalf of the student under 18 years of age. Health forms will be provided upon visiting the studio or online here:

Registration details provided must be correct and complete.

The 10 class Flexipass is valid across all Rosieglo Yoga classes and expires 6 months after the purchase date. The Flexipass cannot be used against other classes run by teachers who hire the space.

Attending Class
All students are required to complete a Health Waiver Form in order to register as a Rosieglo Yoga student. Please arrive 10 minutes before the start time of your first class to allow time for completion.
Students should try to arrive at least five minutes prior to the beginning of class. Latecomers will not always be permitted.
Students who arrive late for a class for which they have registered will not be issued a refund for that class.
Prior to the start of class, students are required to inform the instructor of any issues or relevant physical issues.
All students who attend class agree to abide by the studio etiquette as follows:
- No phones in the studio
- No shoes to be worn in the studio
- All bags are to be left in the cloakroom which will be securely locked before class
- Any health tracker wrist watches must be set to silent
- If chalk is used on a studio mat, students agree to clean the mat and any props at the end of class. Appropriate cleaning fluid is provided at the studio

Online Usage Policy
The information provided on the Rosieglo Yoga website is for educational purposes only. By using the website you are participating at your own risk. Please work with care and intelligence. You are free to take breaks and/or omit poses or sequences that are not suitable for you.
Make sure you practise with enough free space around you. Wear comfortable clothing so you can move freely.
Before any workout or yoga class you should warm up properly and cool down afterwards to avoid an injury. Please take responsibility for your own body and include extra warm up and cool down stretches where appropriate.
You should avoid alcohol and drugs before yoga and meditation. Also no heavy meals for two hours before practice. Keep yourself hydrated before and after your yoga practice.
If you feel dizzy, light-headed, faint, or if you experience any other discomfort, stop exercising immediately and consult a medical doctor. You are responsible for your condition during your practice. Exercise within your limits. Never force or strain. Seek attention and advice as appropriate.

Health Disclaimer for Online Classes

We want you to enjoy your online class provided by Rosieglo. Because we can’t be there with you, it’s important that you take responsibility for your own practise by acknowledging and respecting your own physical limitations.

If you have any concerns about your physical health, you should seek advice from your doctor or health care provider before beginning any of the online classes available on
Rosieglo yoga is not a medical organization and its teachers cannot provide medical advice or diagnosis.
The practice of yoga asanas requires you – the practitioner – to gauge the safety of your practice within your personal physical limitations.
The techniques and suggestions presented in this website are not intended to substitute for proper medical advice.
Rosieglo Yoga and assumes no responsibility for injuries suffered while practicing these techniques.
You acknowledge and agree that all classes and videos are carried out at your election and at your own risk. By using the videos provided on this site, you agree and understand that physical exercise involves strenuous physical activity and that such activity may carry a risk of injury, and that it is your responsibility to assess your physical and mental capability for such activities. It is your responsibility to ensure that by participating in the videos on, you will not exceed your limits while performing such activity and that you will select an appropriate level of difficulty for your own personal skill and ability and condition.
You hereby expressly waive and release any claim that you may have at any time for injury of any kind against Rosieglo Yoga, or any person or entity involved with Rosieglo Yoga.

Class Cancellation
Registration in a given class may only be cancelled and/or changed if the cancellation/change is completed a minimum of 24 hours prior to the beginning of that class. Cancellations and changes should be completed through Rosieglo Yoga's Online system.
Cancellations or class changes made less than 24 hours prior to the beginning of class are invalid and students will be charged full price for any registered classes that they miss or fail to cancel within the required time.
On occasion, teachers may be substituted at short notice; in such cases the cancellation policy still applies.

Risk & Responsibility
Rosieglo Yoga does not accept responsibility for students who do not follow the class instructions as provided by the teacher. Any medical or physical conditions, recent or persistent injuries, or relevant disclosures must be made by students to the teacher prior to the beginning of class. Prior to, during, or after class, it is the responsibility of students to inform the teacher if they are experiencing any pain or discomfort.
The use of Rosieglo Yoga facilities denotes the acceptance of the risk associated with all forms of physical exercise, both during and after.
Rosieglo Yoga, including any staff, owners, managers, and directors, will not be held liable for: a) any injury or harm resulting in participation or use of facilities, and b) any damage to or loss of personal property.

Left Property
Rosieglo Yoga does not accept any responsibility for personal property left at the facilities. Left items will be kept for three weeks, at which point they will be donated to a charitable organisation.
Rosieglo Yoga reserves the right to change the terms & conditions as well as prices at any time. Significant changes will be indicated by notice on the Rosieglo Yoga website. If you have any questions about these terms and conditions, please contact Rosieglo Yoga.