Workhop 108 Sunsalutations/New Year, New Challenge
Samstag, 7 Januar • 14:30 - 17:00
Sluisstraat 12, 3000 Leuven, Studio
Saja Teacher
Every year is a new beginning. How do you want to start your year? Rin believes that what you do at the beginning of the year will be your main guide of the year. For example, if you start the year with physical activity, you'll be able to keep the year being physically active. Oppositely, if you start the new year with laziness and a messy mind, then the whole year will be like that.
That's why, Rin and many other yogis like to start their year with Sun Salutations, 108 times, every year. Rin would love to invite you all. This is going to be the first great achievement of the year. For this number of Sun Salutation, you need to believe in yourself, synchronise your mind with breaths and body, and cooperate with others. But once you are done with 108 Sun Salutations, I promise your year will continue as what you experience in this session.
Also, while moving our body, you might come up with some goals or vision you want to achieve in 2023. New year resolution! We'll have time to write them down during the session.

Who is ready? Who wants to start 2023 with a new challenge?
These 2.5 hours will be an important time to slow down and reflect on yourself.
For beginners and Advance practitioners
Join Rin for your new year ritual.

*Why 108 times?
- Possible Reason 1: Related to New Year's Eve Bell
Did you know that Buddhist temples ring the bell 108 times during the night of the New Year? 108 is considered as the number of kleshas, polluting thoughts such as greed, hatred and delusion, which result in suffering. It is believed that the 108 kleshas are purified each time the bell is rung.
- Possible Reason 2: Related to The Number of Prayer Beads
Maybe you have noticed that teachers sometimes wear prayer beads around their necks or around their wrists. This is normally used to remember the number of chanting mantras. The prayer beads are composed of 108 beads. In Indian philosophy, 9 is considered a sacred number and 108 is the value of 9 multiple by 9.
- Possible Reason 3: Related to Struggling Multiplication
‘Shikuhakku’ means extreme suffering or all kinds of suffering. In Buddhism, it is a word that combines the four sufferings of birth (生), old age (老), illness(病), and death(死) with the addition of the four sufferings of separation from loved ones(愛別離苦), being together with despised ones(怨憎会苦), unsatisfied wanting (求不得苦), attachment (五陰盛苦). ‘Shikuhakku’ is written as ‘四苦八苦’ and can be written as ‘4989’ by taking the sounds of ‘4 -shi-’, ’9 -ku-’, ’8 -ha-’, ’9 -ku-’. 108 is also said to be the sum of four hardships (4 x 9 = 36) and eight hardships (8 x 9 = 72).

This is what is often said, but it seems that there are various other theories. For now, let’s say it's a lucky number.

* Program of Workshop
Opening Introduction (5min)
27 Sun Salutations x 4 sessions, different variations (30min x4)
3 short breaks between sessions, write down the New Year Resolutions (5min x3)
Savasana & closing(10min)

*1 Breath - 1 Move
Normally, we stay in Downward Facing Dog for 5 breaths in the middle of the sun salutation, but in the 108 Sun Salutations, we will stay only for 1 breath. This way, the burden on your body will be reduced a little.

*Child Pose anytime
If you get tired, feel free to take a break in Child Pose.

*All levels are welcome.
After completing 108 reps, you will feel an indescribable sense of accomplishment and exhilaration. It is so-called “moving meditation”.

*New Year Resolution
As you perform 108 sun salutations, we'll look back on 2022, wash away the kleshas that have accumulated over the past year, and welcome the new year with a new feeling. We'll have time write down what you would like to promise yourself in 2023. (Things who want to do, not to do etc)