SPECIAL CLASS Winter Flow - Epsi (Studio)
Thursday, 21 December • 18:45 - 20:00
Sluisstraat 12, 3000 Leuven, Saja Studio Leuven
Saja Teacher
Winter Yoga: Embrace The Chill, Light Up Your Inner Warmth.
Enter this winter smoothly, as our class invites you to embrace the serenity of the season.
Inside our warm, inviting studio, you will find solace from the cold, immersing yourself in a practice that embraces the beauty of winter.
We will explore a strong yet mindful flow, guiding you through dynamic poses that awaken your body's energy and warmth. As the session progresses, we seamlessly transition into calming restorative poses. Blanketed by a sense of tranquility, together we will find deep relaxation, aligning your inner balance with the serene beauty of winter.