About Synergos Counseling & Wellness

​Synergos (συνεργός) (pronounced sin-er-gos) is a Greek word from ancient Athenian dialect from which the word synergy arose, meaning working together​.

At Synergos Counseling & Wellness Center we work through a wholistic and restorative wellness model of treatment. We believe by reflecting on and attending to various facets of your life (e.g., work, health, faith) you will achieve greater self awareness. This will allow you to experience improved mood, health, and overall daily functioning. We offer yoga, massage therapy, and more!

We pride ourselves in providing a safe, inclusive environment for all communities including but not limited to LGBTQIA+, body positive, BIPOC, and AAPI. We are ever evolving within our own professional community through self-reflection, ongoing education/training, etc.

We offer reiki, acupressure, massage therapy, nutrition support with Registered Dietitians, Financial Coaching, and yoga within our wellness center.

Free parking in our lot after 5pm for all evening classes. Beautiful studio on our 3-floor surrounded by beautiful natural light, foliage, and more.