About Yoga with Paulina

Hi there! Paulina here 👋
All classes I run are always in ENGLISH!

My healing journey started in 2014 when I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). Huge turn in my life: new reality, a new way of living, new choices. ✨

Today, I am a yoga teacher and space holder for healing through practices focusing on the Body, Mind, and Soul. I believe in a heart-led approach, so we can all feel into and express more love to ourselves. 🥰

Body - with Yoga, as it is the practise that always meets me where I need to be met. 🧘‍♀️
Mind - with journaling, coaching and focus on self-love, discovery and care. 💗
Soul - with meditation and spirituality, I can uncover the layers I built around my heart. Allowing me to love more, care more and be my authentic self. 🌲

This is my philosophy in all spaces I now hold. I invite you to explore and experience a healing journey that can lead to a meaningful and positive impact on your life.

What practises you can expect?
- Yoga to strengthen, stretch and unwind.
- Women Circles to connect, learn and support each other.
- Cacao Ceremonies to drop from the thinking mind into the feeling heart.
- WhatsApp Community chat to meet others!

Is this for you? 🧘‍♀️
Are you someone who is always supporting, giving and listening to others? Consumed by your work and commitments to others? With very little time for yourself, yet alone to focus on some inner work through movement or self-enquiry? If that resonated with you and you also recognise that you deserve self-love, and your own 'me time' then join us! Our classes and events are made exactly for you 🌸🌼

Do you also have RA?
Hey hey warrior! Send me a message and let's connect so I can get a better understanding how you feel and which classes would be best for you.

Looking to work privately?
AWESOME! 👏 Self love? Strength? Flexibility? Mental health? Confidence? Hand stand? Splits? Letting go? Whatever you need, let's do it together 🥰 Message me for us to discuss the details.