House Rules Womanhood Studio - General Conditions

Welcome to our studio!
We are so pleased to welcome you to our community. To ensure an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable and safe, and to align expectations, we have a few house rules:
1. Booking your class

All class participants are required to register online for classes, workshops and events. You can book regular classes up to 2 hours before start of class. With workshops and events we ask you to book at your earliest convenience. This gives us time to set up and prepare our classes and events, helping make your experience at the studio better.

2. Check your booking

After you have booked and purchased the class, please double check that you are signed up for the class. Buying the card for the class and booking the class itself are two steps in the reservation process!

3. Dress Code

Shoes and food are prohibited in the class area. Please use the designated area upon entry for shoes, coats, etc. It is required to wear appropriate clothing during workouts.

For sanitary reasons, t-shirts that cover the underarms are required during use of the aerial yoga equipment. No spaghetti straps or tanks. To keep our hammocks safe and clean we ask you to not wear clothing with buttons or zippers, feet are free from dust/dirt from the street and to please remove your make-up before coming to class!

4. Consent For Minors

Signed consent forms from a parent or legal guardian are required on file for all minors participating in movement classes.

5. Responsibility

Womanhood Studio cannot be held responsible for any lost or stolen personal items. During classes, events and workshops the front door will be locked. Should you leave anything at our studio, we will hold on to it for 2 weeks and post on social media. If after 2 weeks the item has not been claimed, it will be given away.

Womanhood Studio cannot be held responsible for injuries and/or risks while working out in or out of the facilities. Please disclose any and all injuries or concerns to an instructor before the start of any class or program.

6. Payment

Payment for classes, workshops and events is done online in our Momoyoga system at the time of booking.

7. Class cards and subscriptions

Single class
Single classes can be bought online and are valid for 1 month.

Royalty Card
Royalty cards come in 2 variations. Aerial Yoga Royalty and Yoga & Pilates Royalty. Both cards give you 10 classes at a discounted rate. After purchase your Royalty Card is valid for 16 weeks.

Womanhood Unlimited
The womanhood studio subscription can be purchased for a minimum of 3 months, for the period of 3 months or 6 months. The subscription is valid for all group classes. Workshops and events are excluded, however special offers will be made for Unlimited Card holders for many workshops and events. The subscription is personal, non-transferable. There are no restitution on the subscription.

8. Cancellation

Regular weekly classes can be cancelled by the student by removing themselves from the class in Momoyoga. Cancellation is free up to 2 hours before the start of class, your credit stays on your account. For cancellations closer than 2 hours before start of class no refunds will be given.

Workshops and events can be cancelled by sending an email to Cancellation up to 7 days before the workshop or event is eligible for a 50 % refund. Cancellations after that grace period, are not eligible for a refund.

For Womanhood Unlimited Card holders the same cancellation periods apply, however if you are signed up for a class and neglect to cancel your registration, please be advised that you will be charged for the cost of a regular class / workshop at the end of each calendar month.

9. Conduct

Participants should bring a positive and respectful attitude to the studio and for the teachers and other participants. Any complaints or concerns should be promptly directed to management for due consideration.

10. Check-in and Participation

Participants are expected to arrive and be ready for class at least 5 minutes prior to start time. For safety reasons, late arrivals who miss the warm-up may not be permitted to join.

11. Mailing list

When joining class(es) or events at Womanhood Studio, you are added to our mailing list. On average we send out a newsletter once a month. If you wish to alter your subscription / unsubscribe from the newsletter, please follow the link in at the bottom of our newsletter!

12. Privacy statement

Womanhood studio finds your personal information important, therefore we treat it with extreme care. For booking your classes we use the online booking services of Momoyoga. Detailed information about Momoyoga privacy statement can be found on:
Yogi details
When a Yogi Registers to one of our classes, the information is used:
● To make a personal profile, allowing use of the registration platform.
● To register as a client in the womanhood community
● For internal statistical analysis
● For your login authorization
● For communication and mailing purposes

In efforts to continually improve services Momoyoga gather anonymous usage data. This data is gathered in order to:

● Get better understanding how the software is performing
● Determine trends and compare performance
● Improve our service

13. General Conditions / House Rules

By practicing at Womanhood Studio you are agreeing to these General Conditions / House Rules you have just read.

14. Have Fun!

Keep an open mind and have fun. Come with a smile and we will always do our best to make sure you leave with one too.

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