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Yoga Delft was established in 2010 with the mission to make yoga accessible to everyone who wants to develop self-awareness and gain personal growth. In Yoga Delft we are enthusiastic to share our personal practice experiences to more people. Offering high quality and personal yoga classes is one of most important value from Yoga Delft and so all classes are given in a small group (less than 10 people) in order to guarantee that every participant in the group could receive individual guidance.

Team | Teachers:

Rene Janssen

I was introduced to Yoga because of a serious motorbike accident, through which my body was badly damaged and can't walk properly without crutches. The doctor announced then that I could not probably recover fully the rest of my life, but I refused to believe it.

By chance I started yoga practice as a self healing method. Even though I was very skeptical at the beginning, after a few years of yoga training, my body was unexpectedly recovered by 90% and is now fit for work again. Through yoga my life has completely changed and this unbelievably life experience leads me to the yoga path.

After years of self practice I felt inspired to share my own yoga practice to more people. Therefore later I have finished 300 hrs Iyengar teacher training and 200 hrs Hatha chakra yoga teacher training. In my class I guide participants individually to be aware of body alignments by using props when it is necessary.

Yu Li (Julie)

Before I became a yoga teacher I already self-practiced for years. I have tried various yoga traditions on the market and finally, I decided to stick to the tradition of Universal Yoga(UY), which follows the traditional concept of authentic yoga and unifies several existing classic yoga traditions, particularly Hatha yoga and Himalayan vinyasa, in one comprehensive system. Respectively in 2018 and 2019 I finished 300hrs teacher training and was certificated by Universal Yoga school.

Initially, the period when I was introduced to Yoga I was going through a period of deep depression. The core philosophy of the yoga system is appealing and enlightening to me and since then I started my yoga path to heal myself and explore my life. Based on East philosophy I am interested in all practice methods targeting on internal growth of life, so besides yoga practice, I also experienced various practicing methods, such as Vipassana meditation, Buddhism practice, Zen practice, and Traditional Chinese medicine. I found out all the practice methods, no matter how different the external forms could be, the core would anyway lead to the same destination.

I believe what one has experienced will form the core of one person and these experiences also impact what the person will do later. After years of explorations finally I choose yoga as the main path of my personal growth and remain open to all related practices. Therefore I will integrate all personal experiences into my teaching style.

In the class, I give instructions according to participants’ capabilities and guide them to practice individually and consciously. Through the practice on a physical level, we aim not only to rebalance the physical body but also to target one’s internal concentration, which finally contributes to the development of self-awareness and personal growth.

Welcome to join the class to experience the creation of yoga practice and transformational personal growth.