Universal yoga (2hrs advanced group)
Zaterdag, 12 november • 10:30 - 12:30
Lange Geer 62,2611 PW Delft
Yu Li
Certificated by Universal yoga school 8 years of self-practicing experience more than 3 years of teaching experience
This class is advanced UY (universal yoga) practice and is led through a more varied balanced sequence on cross-mat. The class is conducted in a small group (7persons max)and everyone could receive individual guidance for their own practice. This class aims to form a stable group to support those participants who really aim for personal progress and internal growth.

**Some differences for advanced practice compared with a beginner class.

1, Physical practice deeper and more advanced;
Physical level the practice remains working perfectly balanced throughout the whole body, but the practice is likely to go deeper and more strengthening and dynamic vinyasa practices are integrated.

2, Target more on internal concentration;
Advanced practitioners have normally already a certain level of body awareness. On the base of this advanced practice target more on one’s mental concentration, which is the essence of yoga practice.

3, Added breath practice in between;
Pranayama practice is added to the sequence to intensify the practice result.

4, Integrating more space elements in the sequence (Mandala Sequence);
The sequences are more varied in space. The use of cross-mat is not only for fun, but more to make sequence possible to be multi-directionally constructed.

Mandala is a method of practice in yoga to structure sequence balanced in space. The space direction has impacts on our brain and nervous system and a balanced structured sequence from space can enhance the balanced sense for practitioners, which helps them likely experience a deep sense of peace and serenity after the practice.