The terms and conditions Yoga Delft

The terms and conditions published on the website are always the then current conditions. Yoga Delft can change these conditions, but will always communicate this through an announcement.
1.2 General information about classes, membership and costs can be found at Prices.
2. Liability
2.1 Yoga Delft is not liable for any physical and/or mental injury or damage resulting from participation
from participation in classes or events provided by Yoga Delft.
2.2 Yoga Delft works with qualified teachers and guarantees lessons and workshops of high quality. Yet there is always the chance of injury. Participants in classes, events or workshops accept the risk of injury.
2.3 Yoga Delft is not responsible for loss, damage or theft of property of participants.
3. Protection of personal data
3.1 Yoga Delft uses the personal data of members and participants for its own administration, payment orders and communication about activities and changes.
3.2 Yoga Delft treats personal data with care, in compliance with the Data Protection Act Personal Data Protection Act, and never provides it to third parties without permission.
4. Membership and payment
4.1 A notice period of 1 month
applies to all subscriptions!
Canceling in the current year subscription!
One month notice with an additional month's payment!
No refunds are possible!
4.2 Payment of the year subscription fee takes place by automatic collection on direct debit each month.
4.3 A yoga subscription at Yoga Delft is strictly personal and not transferable.
4.4 In case of announced absence of more than 2 months, the membership may be suspended.
5. Changes and cancellation
5.1 The website always shows the current class schedule. Any unexpected changes will be
communicated by email or via the website.
5.2 Yoga Delft reserves the right to cancel a scheduled lesson (eg due to illness of a teacher), or to change the yoga teacher named on the class schedule.
6. Events
6.1 A participant may participate in a workshop or event after Yoga Delft has received the full amount for participation has been received.
6.2 Yoga Delft reserves the right to cancel a scheduled workshop or event, due to force majeure. In that case the registration fee already paid will be refunded to the participants.