General terms of Yoga in the Stars

terms and conditions
Please only arrive 5-10 mins early so the sessions can start and finish on time. 

Please sign-in before the class. We do charge for no-shows, so signing in is very important.

Please always cancel your sessions in time so that others have the opportunity to attend.

Free cancellation window is 3hrs before the session starts.

Switch your email notifications on so that you receive reminders and avoid no-show charges. It also allows us to update session information for you.

Canceling & Pausing Membership
- You need to have completed your minimum term (if applicable)
- 7 days notice required.
- We can pause memberships for up to 3 months. Pausing takes place on your renewal date (your next payment date) and must be for a minimum of 1 month. Please contact us via email to pause.

Please note that all of our memberships are rolling monthly. After the minimum term payments will “roll on” automatically unless you cancel or pause. Please appreciate that we will not be able to cancel contracts in their minimum term (3 months depending on contract type).

If you are planning on returning within 3 months, the best course of action for you is to pause your account.

Please note we can’t do open ended pauses. If a payment runs due to missing this date, we will only be able to a credit refund to your booking account. We will not be able to issue a card refund.

If you believe there is a reason we should make an exception to the above message us to discuss. We always do what we can.