Therapeutic Restorative Yoga* | English
Dinsdag, 14 mei • 18:45 - 20:00
Marigai Peil
*Level 1 Everyone is welcome. From beginners to advanced practitioners and suitable for postnatal. As we will use props in this class, please bring blankets, a small towel or eye cushion, and pillows.

Therapeutic/Restorative yoga practice is appropriate for all levels and is intended to relief stress.
Restorative Yoga uses fully supported, passive poses to create a deep state of relaxation. In addition, poses awaken dull areas of the body to improve circulation and encourage healing. Restorative yoga can be powerfully beneficial by bringing the body back into balance allowing the body to truly rest and shift into a healthier state.
Therapeutic Yoga uses gentle, yet deep stretches to work out old and new spots of tightness and fluid movements synchronized with breath intended to eliminate unneeded stress. Therapeutic Restorative Yoga practice frees trapped energy in the body, promotes tranquility, soothes the nervous system and aids with sleeping issues.

Stillness isn’t easy, in fact it takes work, but stillness creates room in us, we see more clearly, find our natural state and can begin to heal.