Restorative Yin* | English
Zondag, 19 mei • 12:00 - 13:00
Marigai Peil
* = Level 1 Everybody is welcome. From beginners to advanced practitioners and suitable for postnatal. Please have a couple of blankets, a few pillows and a small towel or scarf to cover the eyes during the restorative poses. Restorative Yin yoga is appropriate for all levels and is intended to promote relaxation, stillness and flexibility.

A slow Sunday practice allowing us to pause, take a moment and rest. Poses are supported with blankets and pillows, nourished by the breath all the while sinking into true relaxation. Restorative Yin is made up of poses done close to the ground held for a certain amount of time allowing our body to soften and relax. It’s a wonderful practice for recovery and helps restore the balance between mind, body and spirit to reach a peaceful and relaxed state.