Floor Barre & Stretching* | English
Vrijdag, 17 mei • 09:45 - 10:45
Anne Verpalen
* = Level 1 Everybody is welcome. From beginners to advanced practitioners.
Floor Barre was created in 1953 by Boris Kniaseff, a Russian-French dancer, choreographer, and teacher. He developed this workout to deal with the absence of barres in his studio. Floor barre is a ballet inspired practice where most exercises are executed on the floor in a sitting, supine, prone or side lying position. This practise is also influenced by Pilates and Yoga.

This practice can help you to:
-Increase mobility and flexibility.
-Increase strength and stability.
-Enhance coordination and balance.
-Tune up your proprioception.
-Release possible stress on your joints.
-Improve core strength.
-Create a toned body.
In this 1 hour workout we will combine the practice Floor Barre with Stretching.
A high intensity workout suitable for everyone!