Yoga bolster - different colour
Zaterdag, 27 mei • 00:00 - 23:55
Orsolya Sandor
YogaHeks creates its own yoga bolster. It is a handmade product made by our YogaHeks itself. It is filled with cleaned spelled husk (in a soft cheesecloth -kaasdoek écru), 100% cotton Canvas fabric in different colour. Easy to keep it clean, you can wash the cover.
Size: 20*70cm env. 2.5 kg
Available colours:
blauw melee, donker-blauw, donker-grij melee, grij
The bolsters can be personalized.
They can be used for yoga, for little kids, during the pregnancy or simply just as a support for legs during your sleep.
Delivery time: +/- 1 week
Delivery cost: free if picked up during yoga class