About Yogihearts

Sneha Arora, originally from India, started her journey as a practitioner in her teens. She got formally trained as Yoga teacher in 2006 at the oldest Yoga school in the world The Yoga Institute after which she further learnt under the Sivananda lineage, Iyengar other Yoga masters in India. Having taught traditional holistic Yoga over 18 years, internationally, she is now based in London and runs certified 200 hours yoga teacher trainings in the UAE and UK, as an affiliate of The Yoga Institute. Her expertise with different levels of students, beginners to advanced to guiding people with health limitations sets her apart. Bhakti Yoga( spiritual music) is her passion and she conducts kirtans, meditations and sound healing through chanting mantras.
You may subscribe to Yogihearts on You tube or Spotify to listen to the playlist of meditative sounds and chants.

Her class is suitable for all levels and one can expect a wholesome experience.