Introduction to Meditation
Tuesday, September 12 • 7:00 PM - 8:15 PM
Elisabeth Schramm
In June 2022 I closed my therapy practice, having worked as a clinical social worker for 40 years in various mental health settings and in private practice for the latter part of my career. Yoga and meditation have been important practices in my life supporting me in work and in living in this human body. Yoga and Meditation became essential practices during 10 years of supporting and caring for my parents, along with my sisters. I learned to manage compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma in my work, so that I was able to be steady and present for others, and to maintain my own health and well-being. My personal practice, and commitment to attending 2 to 3 retreats each year has become an integral part of life. I have been mentored in the past by Molly Swan, Norman Feldman and currently by Jill Davey. For a number of years, I’ve participated in a Sutta Study group facilitated by Norman Feldman. During the Meditation Teacher training, I appreciated the mentorship of Jill Davey, Dawn Mauricio, Daryl Lynn Ross and Jozen Gibori. I also appreciate the on-going support and mentorship from Jacqueline and Ken! I love offering chair yoga, and gentle flow classes, along with meditation. My teaching is informed by Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teacher Training (Kripalu). Yoga and mindfulness practices have proven to be of benefit in building self awareness in body, mind and emotion. These practices may be helpful in regulating and processing emotion. Clients and yoga students will often report a feeling of being more balanced, at ease, and a notable shift toward self acceptance and self compassion.
This series will be especially appealing to beginners, those who are interested in re-connecting to their practice, and those simply want to practice meditation with others. We’ll explore the building blocks to practice, including posture options, and various ways to focus the attention.
The practices will support the cultivation of awareness, self kindness and compassion.

Set aside your doubts about whether you can do this! There are various ways of adapting the practices so that it will feel accessible. Mindfulness meditation and how it can be of benefit is best understood through our direct experience when we practice. I love this quote by
Christopher Germer: “It’s not easy living in a human body, but fortunately we have what it
takes. We’re endowed with the human faculties of awareness and compassion. The first step to being at ease within the body is to pay attention to it.” (The Mindful Path to Self-compassion).
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