About Aum Yoga Studio

Aum Yoga Studio is your Premier Yoga Studio in Harlingen. We have been open since 2008.
Enjoy yoga with experienced amazing teachers. They will fill your heart with YOGA.
From the minute you enter the Center, you will feel the energy of peace and bliss.

Please bring all your own equipment. Mat, block, strap, blanket, zafu

There are 12 spots available.

Be mindful of others equipment. Do not step on their mats or blankets.

If you are feeling sick, please don't come to the class.

All classes and passes have an expiration date. Please book carefully. There is a 3-hour window to cancel your class. Please be mindful of this. As there are others who would like to attend if you can't.

AERIAL YOGA students. Please DO NOT WEAR JEWELRY, zippers or anything that can snag the fabric. Please cover your armpits, and it's best to wear longer pants that go beneath the knee. Ladies if you are currently on your cycle, we ask that you not book at this time.
By registering you are stating that you are physically fit to proceed with yoga classes. All lessons given are taken at your own risk. Aum Yoga Studio and their associates and teachers are not liable for injuries or damage to you or your property arising out, of or connect with, the use of services a facilities in which the classes are given. All Students please know that by signing up through this app and registering, you forever hereby release and discharge Aum Yoga Studio, Sandra M. Vitallo and yoga teachers from all such causes of action.