Vin-Yin Yoga (Vinyasa Yin)
Wednesday, May 22 • 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM
Bodhi Yoga Center Siargao, Lakshmi Yoga Shala
Jannah Abueza
Experience the best of both worlds in our Vin-Yin yoga class, a harmonious blend of dynamic Vinyasa and tranquil Yin yoga. Start with a sequence of energizing Vinyasa poses that heat the body and build strength, then ease into the calming stretches of Yin yoga, targeting connective tissues and promoting deep relaxation. This 60-minute session perfectly balances the yang of active movement with the yin of passive holding, enhancing both flexibility and mindfulness. Suitable for all levels, Vin-Yin helps cultivate a balanced body and a serene mind. Join us to deepen your practice and find peace.