Modified Ashtanga Yoga
Friday, April 19 • 9:00 AM - 10:15 AM
Centro La Paz, LLC, Upstairs classroom
Aria Jimenez
ABOUT ME My name is Aria, I was born in Puerto Rico and found yoga in 2012 while living and studying in NYC. My journey into yoga began at Yoga to the People and it immediately changed the course of my life. I soon realized yoga to be a powerful tool for self-transformation, which unites one’s mind, body and spirit with the divine force within. I have always been a seeker and my studies into yoga inspired me to travel and see the world. In 2016 I moved to Australia where I worked with Greenpeace. This experience changed my perspective on the importance of living consciously through our actions. Everything in my life changed as I found a deeper relationship with yoga. I wanted to learn from the source, so I decided to pursue my yoga teacher training with Bharath Shetty, founder of Indea Yoga in Mysore, India. Upon my return to Puerto Rico in 2017, I began Island Yoga for the people of Culebra. My hope is that this practice helps us connect with who we really are by purifying our minds and strengthening our body’s that we may create a deeper relationship with ourselves and others in order to hear the truth of who we are.
Ashtanga vinyasa is a rigorous form of yoga, which builds strength and flexibility. The practice has a set sequence of asanas where breath and movement become synchronized.
This coordination of breath and movement while working through asanas builds up an internal heat that improves blood circulation, thus releasing toxins, impurities and relieving pain from the body. This energetic class develops focus and stamina, and keeps you in shape both mentally and physically.