Harmony Hatha Flow
Monday, May 27 • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Centro La Paz, LLC, upstairs room
Florencia Colon Perez
Hi, I'm Florencia Colón, a 500hr Trauma Informed YT and the founder of Collective Healing. Born and raised in the west side of Puerto Rico, my passion lies in helping others heal from trauma by regulating their nervous system through the practice of yoga. Through various tools such as asana, meditation, journaling, 1:1 mentoring, Ayurveda, and more, I encourage my students to develop an understanding of their own nervous system and create nervous system elasticity. As someone who values the importance of holding space for others, I aim to provide my students with the tools they need to explore their own healing journey at their own pace. Alongside my dedication to yoga, I also enjoy the combat sport Jiu Jitsu, and I love exploring the polarities between the two. My classes, mostly Hatha style, range from soft to more fluid, and you can always expect to do some mantra chanting, meditation, and receive a yummy sound healing experience at the end. As a teacher, I emphasize the importance of body autonomy and aim to serve as a guide rather than an authority, allowing my students to move through their practice in a way that feels best for them. See you on the mat!
Hatha yoga is a practice that aims to balance the polarities of the body and mind. In Sanskrit, "ha" means sun and "tha" means moon, and this yoga style integrates these two energies to create harmony and balance within.

In this 60-minute class, we will explore our inner world through physical postures (asana). We will begin with a meditation to set our intention, followed by practices of pranayama (breath control) and mantra (sound vibration) to activate our energy. We will then move into a warm-up sequence, leading to the peak poses, and conclude with a cool-down period and savasana, where you will receive sound healing. The class will end with a final meditation, pranayama, and mantra.

During the class, we also place emphasis on befriending the nervous system in order to cultivate mental elasticity. By learning to regulate the nervous system during our practice, we can better manage stress and cultivate a greater sense of well-being in our daily lives.People of all levels are welcomed!