Mat Pilates (Mixed Level) - Until July
Tuesday, April 16 • 6:00 PM - 6:50 PM
Centro La Paz, LLC
Yolunda Heinen
I would love to help you reach you maximum potential! Let me explain my background, to you. I have been teaching movement to dancers since 2002 in Osaka Japan. In 2007 I was certified in all of the Pilates apparatus ( Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrel) in Vancouver, Canada. In 2009 I spent 4 months in India, to study and complete a Yoga certification. As each training added a new layer to my teaching style I became increasingly in demand in Vancouver and Toronto as a Pilates instructor, teaching the bulk of my hours as private sessions. In 2013 my family relocated to Washington DC and I began to lead teacher trainings in Yoga and Pilates. I am a consistent practitioner of many movement modalities , attending classes wherever I work/teach, as well as travel. We are an avidly traveling family! Forever a student and a traveller; I believe there is something I can learn from everyone. This year marks my third year on the west coast of Puerto Rico. I will be here until July 1st, with plans to return again November 1st, 2024. I teach many styles of Yoga as well as all Pilates apparatus. I believe that movement is integral to regulating the nervous system and balancing the life experience. If I am not I the studio you might find me some place in the sea!
Our mixed ability classes have a beginner option and an intermediate / advanced option, and clients go at their own level. It is a flowing class with different focuses each week and new challenges combined with relaxation and stretching.